Brilliant Barcelona Timelapsed in Flow-Motion


Barcelona is known for its waterfront, sunsets, and packed city streets making it the perfect setting for time-lapse specialist Rob Whitworth who added this cathedral-laced city to his repertoire of short films.

Titled “Barcelona GO!”, the “flow-motion” camera technology swoops down from a skyline view to trail a young Barcelonan woman strutting along the cobblestone streets. As evening falls, the perspective transitions to the eyes of a skateboarder rolling through the city’s narrow passages (Barcelona is considered the mecca of skateboarding in the Mediterranean). Before you know it, you’re sky-high alongside the Columbus monument, with a 360 degree view of the seaside metropolis.

Whitworth’s interplay of Barcelona’s cultural trends and famous attractions deserves special praise. If I were giving out awards for short videos (something I’ll have to discuss with Bryce as this site grows) “Barcelona Go!” would definitely be nominated.

The short took 363 total hours to complete, including a whopping 179 hours of post-production. The end result is a fast-paced, vivid tour of Barcelona.

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