Man Plants Forest the Size of Central Park


A man has singlehandedly planted a dense forest larger than Central Park in the middle of a barren wasteland in India.

Jadav Payeng began planting trees 40 years ago to stop Majuli Island from eroding into the sea as a result of global warming. Today, Payeng’s jungle binds the soil and provides elephants, rhinos and tigers a home.

Payeng’s take on nature is right on target and should be a catalyst for reflection when it comes to our own unreasonable consumption habits:

“All species on this planet are animals, including humans. The only difference is that humans wear clothes. There are no monsters in nature except for humans. Humans consume everything until there is nothing left. Nothing is safe from humans, not even tigers or elephants.”

‘Forest Man’ director William D McMaster released this short as a teaser for the full length documentary he is trying to raise funds to complete. You can find more information on how to help on the Forest Man Facebook page.

Forest Man Trailer and Appeal Video

Extra Scene: Why is Majuli Eroding Away?

Extra Scene: Night in Johart

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