“Matrix” Wound Gel is a First Responder’s Dream


When this new plant-based Veti-Gel is applied to open tissue, bleeding immediately stops and the healing process begins.

The industry-standard wound-closing gel currently used by emergency medical personnel takes longer to clot wounds and requires pressure to be applied as the gel settles. By minimizing bleeding time, Veti-Gel could help first responders around the world save even more people’s lives.

Applied as a spray, Veti-Gel is currently in the testing phase and has already closed sliced livers and carotid arteries in laboratory experiments on rats.

The gel’s molecular design replicates a plant’s extracellular matrix (ECM), forming connections between the body’s cells. By holding the cells together, a signal is sent to the brain telling the wounded area to initiate the clotting process.

If this stuff is as promising as it sounds, we soon could be walking (or driving) around with little cans of it, always ready to help if a serious accident occurs…or if you slice your finger with a kitchen knife.

Watch Discovery News’ video about the gel and take our poll below: when will we see Veti-Gel become a commonly used, go-to product?

Discovery News’ informative report: Stop Bleeding Instantly


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