The Next Urban Bike: “Denny”


The ‘Denny’ is a new urban bike that comes equipped with turn signals, brake lights, automatic gear shifts, electric pedal assists, and a handlebar that doubles as a lock. Beating out other competitors in The Bike Design Project, Teague x Sizemore Bicycle’s design will start production soon with the help of Fuji Bikes and arrive in stores in 2015. The winner was selected by voters online, but participation doesn’t stop there. The competition’s website promises to give bikes away via its social media networks up until it’s released in stores.

Check out other designs from the competition and watch how Copenhagen, a city known for its urban biking, is changing to better suit cyclists.

Chicago’s Blackline Design

NYC: The Merge

Portland: The Solid

San Francisco: The Evo

Copenhagen’s Urban Bicycle Innovations


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