The Robot Future – Humans Need Not Apply


Society is facing a tremendous economic problem on the horizon. Robots are coming for nearly every job that exist today, yet we remain completely ignorant and unprepared for the inevitable. While you may think your white-collar or creative job is safe from the latest technological revolution CGPGrey breaks down exactly how unsafe your job actually is. Afterall, with robotic docts, self-driving cars, and robots that can perform basic human jobs already a reality, the job applicant of the near future will – more likely than not – not have a heartbeat.

But tomorrow isn’t without hope. Machines are designed to make our lives better. Watch this TED talk to learn about one possible solution to the problem of mass-unemployment.


  1. Annoyed with this video on

    This video is ridiculous, these are pretty much the same arguments that original Luddites used. Yet every time that machines/robots have “taken” jobs humanity ends up better off with more/cheaper/higher quality products. The whole part in the video about the top industries of today being compared to the top industries of the 1770’s to look for employment trends forgets that the jobs in transport today are completely different (anyone work for the pony express?). The only thing the transport industry of today has in common with the transport industry of the 1770’s is that they transport things. The jobs are all completely different yet still they exist as an industry. Very few, if any, of the transportation jobs from the 1770’s still exist today yet the industry is still around employing people and providing a better service for fewer resources. The part where this video compares horses to people is also misleading. Horses are not individuals as ends in and of themselves (like humans), horses are a means to provide transport or power. In this sense we should be sad about how the tractor displaced the plow (and then the plow population declined until only entertainment pieces were left) or how the car replaced the horse. I guess that makes the horse a tool, and when humans build better and more productive tools, we use them. My final thought is that if the Luddites were right, why did unemployment not skyrocketing with the first or second industrial revolutions and is instead declining now that the recession is over? Why is it that this time the Luddites are right, and all of the times before were anomalies? We can’t predict the future, we never could, but using history as a guide life will improve for everyone. While some might be displaced in the short term they’ll find new jobs as it seems to me that the demand for human labor is insatiable, we just have to be willing to adapt. Adapting is what humans do best.

  2. I agree that many jobs are no longer needed to be done by people; but this is not the real problem. Having said that, machines always need to be fixed, improved and maintained. Anyways, if there are no jobs, then governments no longer need to print money and robots will deliver food to our doors so we’ll be fine. We might get bored a bit. :)

  3. “machines always need to be fixed, improved and maintained”. Building, repairing and maintainance are already done by machines, not by humans. There comes a point in time where the militairy drones/robots whatever you call it, do not need to be improved upon to beat humans. Don’t forget all logistics are being automated as well. So, robots can build as much other robots as they need. Victory by numbers. The only part missing is an AI that can control them. For now! How much damage might two or more robotic armies fighting eachother over our heads do?

    “robots will deliver food to our doors”. Why should they? Robots are -still- designed by money-hungry people. So bots will be programmed to deliver when paid only. IF an AI would (be capable to) change anything about it’s programming, why on Earth would it change that principle? If robots design, build, repair and maintain robots, why would they care about humans? They wouldn’t, cause robots don’t care. So, you’d be sitting in your home, with a robot filled with food at your doorstep and it’d go: “Please insert creditcard. I cannot serve you without your creditcard. Insufficient credits, please insert a creditcard with enough credits”! Etc., etc.

    Chances are low that this will ever happen? Maybe, but noone can rule it out. And IF it would happen, we’d have NO weapons to fight back, because the whole militairy is robotized.

    It’s like walking up to a stranger, giving him your gun and hope he doesn’t shoot you. Because:”why would he”? Well for starters… he’d have a new gun for free.

    “every time that machines/robots have “taken” jobs humanity ends up better off”.
    Go tell that to the people that cannot keep up. Ppl that did the easy work (read dirty/heavy work) did so because they cannot comprehend more intelligent work. Same goes for the disabled, the sick, etc. You think the explosion in psychiatric problems is coincidence? You ever look under the bridges? You think they are criminals? They are a part of the ppl that can’t keep up.

    Robotics is a WEAPONS race and facing a drone, you will never know who’s pulling it’s strings. You know why they tell you never to look down when climbing? So you can’t see the dead bodies lying there, telling you that you are doing something utterly stupid!

  4. If automation were to disappear tomorrow, nobody would stand for it. And the notion of “through no fault of their own” makes little sense. That statement in the context of this topic is analogous to saying, “I kept failing the 8th grade because, through no fault of my own, I was expected to leave the seventh grade even though I wanted to keep doing seventh grade stuff.”

  5. But there’s a big difference between removing automation completely and only prohibit AI automation. I think it’s pretty simple: ANY dentity, thinking logically only, will see the human race for what it is: an egoistic and agressive ape, that will destroy anything that can possibly prove to be profittable. Might we ever be able to leave this planet in numbers, humans will mine all other bodies in our Solar system. Humans are like locusts.
    Any AI that would not come to the conclusion that Humans will keep on untill stopped, is defective in my opinion.

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