Robots in the Military


Our wars used to be fought on foot, but then we harnessed horses for battle. Swords were our weapons of choice until guns were invented. Chariots slowly evolved into tanks. And in less than 100 years we went from the Wright brothers to the stealth bomber. But the change that’s now underway will be the most significant in human history: soldiers from the world’s richest countries will soon rarely come face to face with their enemies. This is a profile of the robotic takeover of the world’s militaries.


  1. if the government decides to suppress the citizenry, such as door to door gun confiscation. There would be many soldiers who would refuse those orders. Robots would not question the legal or moral circumstances.

  2. well I think it is “AWESOME” able 2 train with robot I’m hard 2 beat in battle thanx 2 my martial acrobatics just hit the nose of raging charging bull into a handstand mount 2 somersault (forward/backwards) flip over then land on back of the beast who riding who bull but today I am calm no blowing my top off, self emotional control lots of breathing cold air getting ready 2 perform co-ordinate set battle plays from training drills, stay focus 2 the rhythm feel the beat flow though the veins like surfing a monster wave boy!!!…yae yae!!!.. all day wat a rush a pure addict nah feel good flipping over explosive bombs 2 fast 4 ya all better than locked up in prison (P.O.W) “INMATE BOOT CAMP” (gangs and the mob, drug cartels 2 terrorists and isis) undercover Special Forces training programme but I’ll leave that part 2 my nosey and annoying birth bruddah my martial arts combat rival GEZAStheundisputed for my Lord and King “JESUS” 2 “GOD” we wait 4 your return our “HARDENED” merciful lamb A f**ken”MEN”!!!…

  3. I think that removing the human element from war is a bad idea because it will lead to more networked machines what happens when there are to many in one network. failing that what happens if a child is carrying a toy gun a machine will react not think like a person. will the machine know what to do if an enemy
    surrenders or will it just gun them down

  4. nickolas dane andrus on

    i think the military should have no human fighting robots going into further thinking you think of EMP used by military personal if a war breaks out and the united states uses robots on the ground they could go faulty there not water proof not EMP proof so even know it could save lives the united states could lose ground if a world war breaks out or even just a war between two states sure there immune to gasses and other hazardous things and thinking about robots full metal jacket bullets could rip any robot apart so untell these things can be resolved i am saying no why should they even be using shit like this sure drones are ok they where thought out completely so stuff like drones and those weird terrain helping robots are a-ok but robots on the ground that seems like a good idea but really in reality its not.

  5. This developments in robotics are driven by corporate greed and statist selfish interests. There is no discussion as to how the increased usage will effect even military ranks. Guess what, there won;t be a need to care if soldiers would die in a battle, there won’s be soldiers. There will be few IT and an army of metal. It will further render humans as disposable. There will be few kings with robots serving them, and there will be rest of us unemployed and living our lives in slums. Who benefits? Perhaps just number 1.

  6. I think fighting robots should not be used in war but intelligence robots and drones yes. It would be hard to resist using fighting robots if the other side started using them and gave them a large advantage. So it may be inevitable that they do get used. The only way to stop this would be to stop war. If as the video shows it became robot on robot wars, and the robots were been supplied by one company, on one of the combatants sides then it would become just a money making war. It would be in the interests of the company to only give a very slight advantage to the robots in its political sphere, so that the war would go on and on but not enable any side to win. It would just give the impression that one side or the other was nearly about to win. This way it would stop the boredom or wariness. War would become like a nationalistic sport but ultimately it would spill over into killing humans when one side or the other realised its conquering goals were not been met or its grievance was not been removed. This is just one possible situation. In other situations when one side did not have the robot manufacturing, it would gain it shortly after wars start by any number of ways, so there might be no guarantee the first side with them would maintain any advantage.
    As for civilian use, I see advantages in dangerous or mundane work, physical or mental. If humans can be trained or reoriented to creative use of their time.

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