Ultra-Theatrical Dining at Ultraviolet


Chef Paul Pairet is attempting to take the dining experience to a whole new level at his Ultraviolet restaurant in Shanghai. Using a four-walled room with video projection, ambient music, unorthodox utensils, and enhanced scents, Pairet creates a customized, “fluctuating atmosphere” tailored to every dish. The 20 course experience starts at $500 per person, including drinks.

From the Ultraviolet website:

Ultraviolet is the first experimental restaurant of its kind.
A single table of ten seats only.
A dining room featuring high-end technologies.
A 20-course “Avant-Garde” set menu.
All guests sit together.
The experience unfolds as a play. Food leads.
Each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere: lights, sounds, music, scents, projection, images and imagination… and food.

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